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In 2014 the Albuquerque Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society (ACONS) celebrated its 25th anniversary.  The members of our chapter have a distinguished history, of promoting Oncology Nursing, in our community and state.  Our chapter, through the efforts of our members, participates in the New Mexico Cancer Council and actively participates in community activites to promote wellness and Cancer Awareness.

ACONS promotes excellence in Cancer Nursing by providing educational opportunities at our monthly meeting as well as our annual Regional Oncology Nursing Symposium. Our chapter meets on the third Tuesday of each month at different venues in the metropolitan Albuquerque area. When opportunities for additional educational programs, become available, we have extra meetings on the 5th Tuesday of the month.

If you're new to Albuquerque, or just passing through, we invite you to stop by and visit us. Our meetings are posted on our virtual community calendar. Just RSVP, show up, and introduce yourself.


The mission of the Albuquerque Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society is to nurture excellence in the Oncology Nursing profession and to provide quality cancer care to oncology patients in New Mexico.


The vision of the Albuquerque Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society is to lead the progressive transformation of cancer care in New Mexico by using our chapter goals (ACONS PRIDE) as a guide.

Chapter Goals: "ACONS PRIDE"-- More than a slogan

A dhere to the 6 core values of the ONS- Integrity, Innovation,  Stewardship, Advocacy, Excellence and Inclusiveness

C ultivate oncology nursing in area schools by developing guidelines for nursing school scholarships (ADN and BSN)  

O ffer educational activities and programs to increase oncology nurses’ knowledge and networking opportunities.

N urture community awareness of our profession through education and  participation in community events.

S upply access to a statewide informational, networking, and employment opportunity portal at www.acons.vc.ons.org


P romote advocacy on behalf of people with cancer including their families and caregivers.

R etain and increase membership for ACONS at the local and national level.

I ncrease Legislative Involvement of ACONS members.

D evelop guidelines for scholarships to ONS Institutes of Learning and ONS Congress.

E ncourage ACONS Leadership Involvement

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